Choose your favourite and come find us on the Nelson Farmers Market every Saturday, where the flavours are ever changing to keep you excited..

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Our two most popular styles at the market.

A parfait is similar to a Pâté, but lighter and smoother. Almost like a mousse. Chicken livers are very flavoursome and give the dish an extra taste. Left in the fridge for a day or two and the full taste develops. The Duck Liver in comparison is richer in flavour and has an even more velvety texture. It's hard to choose between the two of them.



The French version of a black pudding. The difference being that we don’t use any grains or oats in our recipe. Free Range Meat, Blood and Onion to give you the authentic French delicacy. Enjoy it cold with mustard on toast, fried for breakfast or pair with apple compote for lunch.

We now have Boudin aux pommes as well.




Pâté is a mixture of ground meat. Together with some spices, herbs, wine and cognac it becomes a wonderful appetizer. 

Green Peppercorn, Apricot and Goats Cheese, Wild Pork, Wild Venison, Pâté Basque, and more available depending on the season.



‘Tout est bon dans le cochon’ meaning everything from the pig is good. Grenier is a specialty from the Bordeaux-Medoc region and is made from the pigs stomach stuffed with a very peppery pork mince.




Rillette is a rustic Pâté commonly made from slow cooked and shredded pork that has been confit in its own fat. It is a classic french charcuterie spread that has more of a stringy texture and is deliciously old fashioned similar to Pâté . 

Along with our other products it makes a great appetizer on fresh bread, crackers alongside gherkins and pickled onions.


PÂTÉ en croute